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Mastering Time

'Mastering Time' is an investigation into our current societal understandings of time. Reflecting on the reality that time may in fact not at all be as absolute, independent and linear as our current time model could lead us to believe, I started questioning whether or not the predominant human understanding of time is in actual fact an illusion created by human consciousness through means of observation and measurement. Our experience of time is therefore relative to our perception of it, and so as this perception can be altered through the means by which we choose to frame time, so our experience of time may also have many more possibilities.

Imagining this to be true, this project aims to look into the ways in which a designer could come up with different methods of framing/expressing time in such a way that would alter our fixed perception of time, therefore allowing for new and different experiences of time and so potentially influencing the relationship that exists between the human being and time itself. My hopes are to create ways that would allow people to play and experiment more with their current perceptions of time allowing for an experience of time that is perhaps more playful, feels less restricted or stressful and is psychologically more expansive.

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