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Villa Zapakara and Switi Rauw Art Camp

Switi Rauw Art Camp is a one week art event run by Switi Rauw, a Surinamese art organisation that aims to bring colour back to the derelict parts of the town centre of Paramaribo, expose art, and to guide, stimulate and offer opportunities to young artists.

For this particular event Switi Rauw collaborates with Villa Zapakara, a children's museum located in Paramaribo, running art workshops under the theme 'Environment'. On each day of the week a different artist (of which I was one) shares and teaches one of their specialist art techniques / methods to a group of children who then, at the end of the teaching session, create a piece of art together with the artist. At the end of the week, the resulting collection of artworks are exhibited to the public at the museum and then again in the town centre of Paramaribo.

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