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Creative Reactions - Pint of Science

Art meets science. Creative Reactions is an art-related event organised by Cambridge Creative Network as the grand-closure of Pint of Science 2015 in Cambridge. During the build up to Pint of Science, around 50 local artists create an artwork related to the talks held in Cambridge. The artworks are displayed during the related talks. The grand finale, on 21 May 2015, sees all the artworks displayed at St Barnabas Church in Cambridge.

The art piece I have created using oil (and ink pencil colours) on canvas has been inspired through the knowledge and understanding I have gained from my research surrounding the subjects of genomics, genomes, gene regulation and the evolution of mammals; a period of research that had been instigated after being provided a short abstract by Dr. Camille Berthelot on her talk titled 'Of mice and men and dolphins: understanding the evolution of gene regulation in mammals'.

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