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The Universal Intelligence

​I received the idea to create the above painting in March 2014, however, at that time other things demanded my immediate attention, and then I experienced a massive painter's block that lasted just under a year.

The painting is about divine order, ie. the universal intelligence, and it was inspired by an awareness that came to me just before completing my studies at university. During this time I spent a lot of time in silent contemplation and observation, as an event had ocurred that resulted in the part of my mind that knew how to plan and organise taking a back seat and I found it very difficult to remain grounded. This meant that I had to lean on my intuition in order to decide on my actions, living moment for moment.

I was doing a project on 'Time', and I was questioning our existing time model; the way in which our society has chosen to frame time and therefore how that influences our perceptions. Pairing this with my usual spiritual development (once you embark on that journey, you cannot go back, so life teaches you how to integrate all other aspects of your life with it), I spent a lot of time observing, reflecting and contemplating. Then I had a dream, and I had to write down what I took from it. "It's all perfect because she knows. She gives life it's meaning. She is the active and creative intelligence of God, manifesting and creating order. She sees past, present and future. She knows what we were, what we are and what we will become. She has a purpose for each of us as part of a greater whole, Nothing is left out. Nothing is coincidental or without reason. In her eyes, we are equal as everything is of equal importance, just as the root of a tree is as important as the bark that stems from it and the leaves that fall from its branches. Nothing is forgotten."

At some moment, I was standing on a balcony watching all the commotion in London Victoria train station and suddenly I realised, the divine is right here, and these people moving about, going about their lives is as perfectly ordered as any natural system, and it is a higher intelligence guiding the manifestation of this order. The foolishness for us to think ever that we are separate from that.

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