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My Friend's Wedding Dress

​​My old best friend from my years of living in Mexico City asked me to design her wedding dress for her wedding that will take place Summer 2016. She asked that the design be a fusion between Indian and Western wedding traditions (she is of Indian origins and her husband to be is Mexican) and that the colours be a combination of gold and royal blue.

I have not designed or made a garment of any kind since I left ArtEZ Institute of the Art's BA Fashion Design course in Arnhem after a term of studying there in December 2006, having since realised that however much I enjoy designing and making dresses, I did not want to head for a career within the fashion design industry.

Neverthelss, excited by the opportunity to design for a purpose that held meaning to me, fashion or not, caring very much about this friend and considering the fact that she asked me to be the designer of her wedding dress a true honour, I decided to say yes.

Below are a few examples of the designs I have come up with so far.

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