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Cambridge Open Art Exhibition

Cambridge Open Art Exhibition is Cambridgeshire’s major independent annual Open Art Exhibition, held at Swavesy Village College. This year the exhibition, which ran from the evening of the 17th till the 20th of November, featured the work of 94 different artists that spread across the mediums of contemporary and traditional paintings, sculpture and prints.

This year was my first year to participate. At the event, I exhibited 3 of my more recent oil paintings titled 'Dream Route', 'The Universal Intelligence' and 'Lovely Day' and Limited Edition Giclée prints of 3 of my less recent oil paintings titled 'Sleep Sweet Angel', 'True Knowledge' and 'Higher Will'. The oil paintings were framed and the prints mounted and packaged.

Running alongside the main exhibition was also a hallway where a small number of the participating artists, myself included, ran stalls to showcase and sell some merchandise and smaller pieces of work. I shared a stall with a fellow artist, by the name of Sarah Lucy Lee. Whilst Sarah brought a nice range of her postcards, mugs, prints and original watercolour and oil paintings, I brought a range of my observational black-pen on paper drawings, mounted and packaged. Selling my artwork at a stall was also a new experience for me. I had always wanted to do it as I had always been very excited by the idea of it. It did turn out to be quite exciting and most certainly an enjoyable learning experience that I would happily repeat again.

A view that shows my paintings 'Dream Route (send from the left) and 'The Universal Intelligence' (first from the right)

A view that shows my painting 'Lovely Day' (third from the left).

At Cambridge open Art Exhibition I

Mine and Sarah Lucy Lee's stall of goods

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