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Art BnB Trial

Art BnB is a new business that has an original approach to increasing artist exposure and selling works of art. Their vision is to transform holiday accommodation into a new generation of art gallery, one that guests live in. Aiming to reach those who love culture but who may have never gone looking for art to buy, Art BnB strives to make art accessible to all, and to fit seamlessly into guests' travel experiences, providing the opportunity to pick up beautiful art along the way. (Please click the image above to be brought to their website.)

On one of the weekends during which I was exhibiting my artwork for Cambridge Open Studios last July, I was approached by a lady named Jo Stansfield who explained to me the concept of Art BnB; an idea that has been born out of a combination of her love for art and having recently been faced with decisions about how to decorate a holiday that she had just become a landlord of.

She asked me if I wished to join Art BnB as one of the artists who would represent the business. The business still being in development, the first trial began running from last September and would finish in December. Liking the concept of Art BnB, I have enthusiastically agreed to participate.

Below are photos of my artworks that are currently living on the walls of two different Art BnB properties (photographs are taken from their Facebook page, which you can visit through clicking either photograph).

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