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As Above So Below: A Solo Art Exhibition

Towards the end of last November, I was contacted via email by a man named David who manages events at Hot Numbers Coffee in Cambridge. He informed me that they were looking for an artist for a 2 month exhibition in their Gwydir Street café and asked me if I was interested. Having wanted to showcase my work in that trendy café since first visiting it in early 2015 and not yet having had the opportunity to do so as it had been unavailable till now, ofcourse my answer was yes.

We arranged for me to hang my artwork on the venue's walls on the 21st of December. As I was also quite occupied with other creative projects and Hot Numbers was very busy during the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year's, it was decided that the private view would be held on January the 15th. I was so excited to be having a solo art exhibition in one of my favourite venues in Cambridge; my first solo art exhibition in England.

I have chose to adorn the walls of Hot Numbers Coffee with a selection of my paintings and illustrations that I consider magical. The title of the exhibition is 'As Above So Below', a title that I believe beautifully summarises the concepts and feelings expressed through this body of work.

The private view on the evening of the 15th of January, starting at 7 and ending at 9 pm, welcomes any art lover interested in perusing through the collection of thought provoking artworks with the opportunity to engage with the artist whilst enjoying a glass of prosecco. For anyone who is unable to attend the private view, the exhibition will remain open to the public between 7 am till 6 pm until the end of February.

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