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AmalgamART @ Maker's Gallery

I always try to find a way to develop my techniques in conjunction with furthering my ability to express myself as an artist. For this, I try to make sure that I chose subjects that I can connect with. In my most recent exhibition that I put together with two other artists called Sarah Lucy Lee and Ruth Hawkins, who I regularly collaborate with under the name AmalgamART, I showcased a new series of cloudscapes and artworks that explore our inner world. The title of this exhibition was ‘AmalgamART @ Maker’s Gallery' and it took place at the Maker’s Gallery from the 22nd till the end of March.

From all the times that I have exhibited in England, this was the first time that I exhibited in a proper gallery space. The Maker’s Gallery, run by a charming and kind lady called Felicity Jones, is a lovely little gem that receives a lot of natural sunlight. It consists of two parts, one part is a workshop that offers framing services and the other part is a little gallery that rents it’s wall space out to selected artists. Through the help of the amount of natural light and the way that the walls are laid out, our artworks were presented beautifully and the overall look was very professional and aesthetically pleasing. Ofcourse, the artworks themselves were also quite impressive. The collection was a vibrant celebration of colour, form, thought and feeling consisting of a range of abstract paintings created from the imagination as well as observational paintings exploring real-life subjects.

So far, this exhibition was the first one that I truly felt I had poured all of my heart into since completing my university degree in design at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2012. This feeling was confirmed by how well the exhibition was received by visitors at our private view. There was a buzzing atmosphere during this evening that started minutes before the opening at 5:30 pm, when people already began walking through the doors and filling up the place within the first half hour. The buzzing atmosphere remained consistent throughout the night and we received a lot of positive feedback from many friendly faces. The exhibition concluded with a ‘meet the artists’ event on the last Saturday of March. I felt satisfied with the work I had done and the footfall we had received and now feel inspired to continue making more artworks and finding beautiful venues to exhibit these.

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