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My first oil painting workshop - 'Introduction to Oil Painting'

The mission behind the workshop 'Introduction to Oil Painting' last Saturday at Tindalls Arts & Graphics was to offer a platform through which any aspiring artists could explore the use of oil paint as a medium self expression. In the workshop, I taught students how to create vivid abstract oil paintings inspired by their thoughts and feelings, discovering the language of colour and texture in the process. We explored colour theory in detail, and I introduced several different oil painting mediums and how they influence the texture of oil paint. Ultimately, students learnt how to use their feeling and intuition to guide their painting process.

I was very pleased with how this first workshop went. I was very nervous at first but once I got into it, the teaching felt very natural. I had a great group of 9 students who all impressed me with their creativity. Here are some photos taken at the end of the lesson, after we all cleared up.

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