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The story behind 'Waves of Transformation'

This month, I finally received the remainder of the payment for 'Waves of Transformation', initially completed in the summer of 2012 and then later refurbished in the winter of 2019, before safely packaging it and sending it to it's new owner. This painting has belonged to a series of paintings that have held most meaning and therefore also most value to me. In this post, I finally reveal to you, the true, much more personal story and explanation behind 'Waves of Transformation.'

What the painting is really about is quite personal, but to share the details with you is to enlighten you to its truer, deeper meaning.

The painting was actually inspired by the love story between my husband and I. I believe that my husband and I are twin flames. At the time I made the painting, we were both at the beginning stages of our spiritual journey, and there were a lot of challenges and hard-to-fathom phenomena that we experienced together and as individuals that resulted in us changing and growing very quickly. I found that through all the turbulence, it was always our love that pulled us through and would transform all negativity and darkness into something beautiful and meaningful. The sun and the moon being on opposite sides and somewhat set apart though merging together reflects how it would often be that I would find myself experiencing one side of reality whilst my husband would experience its inverse, and we kept switching, eventually helping us understand not just the dual nature of things, but also to gain an understanding that goes beyond this duality, providing a much richer and profound picture of the nature of things.

I started painting 'Waves of Transformation' (though then nameless) in Paramaribo in Suriname in November 2011, during the months that my husband and attempted to reside there shortly following our marriage. During these months, we studied Pranic Healing together. Unfortunately, things didn't work out in Suriname and before I could finish the painting, we temporarily went separate ways whilst still remaining married, both leaving Suriname. I went back to England to finish my studies in Design and he went to America to take a self development course and to travel. Just before I left Suriname to travel to England, I wrote a poem that complimented the painting I had not yet completed and titled it 'Waves of Transformation.'

Before my husband and I reunited in Los Angeles in October 2012, I went back to Suriname two months after completing my studies and spent just over three months living there with my mother. During these months, I continued my studies in Pranic Healing and finally completed the painting.

The painting was exhibited in Suriname a few months later, in December 2012, during my debut solo exhibition titled 'Seeking Love, Truth and Wisdom'. Two years ago, I traveled again to Suriname, not having been there for nearly 6 years, and brought the painting 'Waves of Transformation' along with two other paintings that formed part of the 'Seeking Love, Truth and Wisdom' series back with me to the UK. In my home art studio, I added one more final layer to the painting before exhibiting it at the Maker's Gallery, at st. Andrew's Church Hall (for July Open Studios) and finally at Chill#2 Café & Bar in Cambridge.

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