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Motivated by a desire to be a bridge between our inner and outer worlds,

I make enchanting artworks from a place of love and curiosity.

I am a visual artist who’s creative style has been influenced by a cultural diversity that stems from an international upbringing. I have always been strongly pulled to scientific, mathematical, psychological, philosophical, spiritual and metaphysical subjects; anything that helps me broaden and deepen my understanding of the nature of reality. I also love to travel and be in nature and in turn my art practice jumps between generating intricate pictures that are symbolic and meaningful and attempts to capture the beauty that I see in the world through photography, drawing and painting.


I hold a bachelor’s degree in design from Goldsmiths, University of London and a foundation diploma in art and design from Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts. Presently based in Cambridge, I have participated in and hosted a variety of art workshops, fairs and exhibitions in Mexico City, Hong Kong, Paramaribo, London and of course, Cambridge. 


With the aspiration to become more acquainted with, as well as more known within the art world, I enjoy exhibiting my work to the public and participating in art workshops and events on a regular basis.

In my Atelier
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