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Mastery of Time: Aevita's expressions 

April 2014

This is a short animation experiment created on After Effects whilst following

online tutorials. 


Computer illustrated, video, after effects animated

(audio: excerpt from 'Our way to fall' by Yo La Tengo)




Water Dayglass

March 2013

This animation visually illustrates an idea for a time piece modeled to the design of a normal hour glass however in this particular design, the glass is filled with water and the total content of the glass represents one day, the number counter at the bottom counts the number of water droplets that have fallen at any given point of the day and the digital display at the top indicates the calculation of the percentage of the day left.


Handrawn, flash animated




The Real Journey of Discovery

January 2012

This animation was originally a static illustration that I created to visually translate an inspirating quote made by French novelist Marcel Proust, "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Having learnt some new animation techniques, I decided to turn it into an animation.


Handrawn/painted, digitaly refined, flash animated




Infinite Time

January 2012

This is a metaphorical visualisation of one day being presented as a figure eight, where the experience of us living through our days can be imagined as a continuous, flowing and repetitional movement through (though not specifically beginning with) a morning that turns into a day, then into a night and then back again into a morning; ending where it began as in infinity.


Computer illustrated, flash animated

(background image used: stellar-nebula-cone-nebula-stars-wallpaper.jpg)





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