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True Knowledge

When, upon a door opens

to reveal a glimmer of glistening light,

the one who’s mind

has grown tired

of something meaningless,

burns with an emotional fire and a will of curious,

will risk a peak and upon that sight

of drawing in pure light

places himself to be revealed!

Within pure light he sees himself

as a mere shadow of his own being.

You see,

his eyes had never truly seen.

His presence, never truly there.

His mind now painfully aware

of it’s own ignorance

(what was pre-supposed yet now so obvious).

And so that darkness

now alit;

matter found mind,

mind found spirit.

To fuel a fire, an intense desire

to fill that space that is lacking

beyond the cries of intense pleasure, intense pain.

That which makes a man,

a man yet to become.

With the vague memory of a mystical nature,

(not to be confused with the demons of the past),

from the paradox of his societal stature

he begins to break free at last.

A trace of old chains now rattling at his feet;

A call to look upon his inner state.

He now can’t confuse that heavy weight,

that made him succumb to his own defeat.

With eyes now open he may

now truly differentiate

that that is he,

through that that he is not.

In this, the man who’s been gifted

even only a glimpse of that pure light

will burn more than ever with thirst and hunger

for true knowledge;

knowledge beyond normal human sight.

And in this will abandon the previous dream;

a home that had promised comfort and security

now seems placid and lifeless in its false certainty.

He will never choose to go back

to where he felt that lack.

And so,

he motions himself through the door.

A heavy fall is his first step.

With wails that echo with the fright of his


he tumbles deep into an abyss;

a convolution of pure light, pure darkness;

a test of faith beyond the senses.

At this point he may wish

he’d never chosen this.

Though here is where true living begins.

A life that was before void of essence,

is now a journey as could only be told

as mythical tales, science fictions, odysseys...

kings, knights, sorcerers, queens,

dragons, beastst, nature deities...

astral light beings, frightful demons,

the gates of hell, angel’s realms

and everything in between these.

As he conquers the unruly,

surpasses the deceitful,

breaks the self-righteous

and softens the frightful,

(a challenge arduous,

though rewarding.


though relieving.)

he finds a deep forgiveness.

He becomes

a master

over what is his,

and a true knower

of his own abyss.

And in this,

merges with his one true nature

beyond the light and darkness.

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