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Seeking Love, Truth and Wisdom

Seeking Love, Truth and Wisdom is my debut solo art exhibition that showcases a collection of different oil paintings, each accompanied with a parallel poem. The paintings are an attempt to translate into a tangible medium personal experiences of the spiritual path as an every day working reality, beyond just mere abstractions perceived through the mind, or knowledge read in a book, or religious rituals. They communicate the spiritual journey as being a transformative process that begins to integrate a true self-awareness and self-knowledge into every aspect of one's life and being, to the point where nothing becomes excluded from it anymore.

Though it is still a work in progress, and the number of paintings only so far demonstrate a small fragment of that process, they do touch on very important topics that one can meet when making the choice to heal oneself in order to be able to truly help others, to seek the truth, to know and become one's true self and to seek the wisdom required to bring this all further into an everyday living reality that does not exclude oneself from the material world. Topics included are rebirth, union of the male and female, the ego, pride and delusion, healing old wounds, transforming conflict through love and self awareness, compassion, the art of manifestation through expanded awareness, surrendering to a higher will, bridging the gap between matter and spirit and the search for true knowledge.

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