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The Tree of Addictions

Almost 6 years ago during my last year of study on the BA Design course at Goldsmiths, University, I created my first short video/animation through a brief set to explore the subject of addictions and respond with a piece of work using any preferred medium. The brief was coupled with one other and the outcomes of both were to be presented to the class and critiqued by the course tutors a week from the date the brief had been given.

Then not having had enough time to complete the video to how I envisioned it, I pieced the majority of the footage I had together to create 3 soundless videos and presented the subject of addictions as a cycle that occurred in three stages. When I had some extra time during projects afterwards, I pieced together the first and second of those soundless videos and combined it with sound to create 'Addictions Part I'. I always intended to complete the short video to how I had originally envisioned it, but it was only now whilst finally moving to a permanent home almost 6 years onwards when I had the extra time, interest, and most importantly heart, to do so.

'The Tree of Addictions' is an experimental short video/animation that aims to explore the subject of addictions in a very abstract manner. The video uses rostrum animation, stop motion as well as normal digital filming and editing techniques.

(Actors: Sina Beltrão as the girl embarking upon the addiction, Anna Kompaniets as the enabler and myself as the girl painting a tree on the wall.)

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