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Creative Reactions : Pint of Science 2018

For the last three years consistently, I participated in an event called 'Creative Reactions' (for Pint of Science). For each of these events I, along with 49 other local artists, was paired up with a 'Pint of Science', scientist to produce an artwork inspired by the scientist's work. The artworks were displayed during their related talks at different pubs in Cambridge, and then also exhibited together as the 'Creative Reactions Grand Finale', at St.Barnabas Church on Mill Road.

The collaboration between artists and scientists continues for this year's Pint of Science festival and naturally, I decided to participate again. I have been paired up with David Spiegelhalter, who is a Winton Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk and Professor of Biostatistics. He will be giving a talk titled 'Communicating Risk and Uncertainty.'

Please come and see my work if you're in town!

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